Microsoft Edge to Offer Crypto Wallet: Buy, Deposit, and Explore!

• Microsoft Edge might get a crypto wallet feature according to screenshots on Twitter.
• The wallet would be built-in to the browser and non-custodial, meaning Microsoft wouldn’t have access to passwords or recovery keys.
• Coinbase and MoonPay are reportedly integrated platforms for buying and depositing crypto into the wallet.

Microsoft Edge May Soon Offer Crypto Wallet Feature

Screenshots circulating on Twitter suggest that Microsoft Edge users may soon have access to a crypto wallet feature. The integration of a digital asset wallet directly within the popular web browser has yet to be confirmed by Microsoft themselves, but speculation is already growing about the potential impact it could have on the cryptocurrency market.

Wallets User Interface

Software documenter Albacore posted early screenshots of what appears to be the Web3 wallet’s user interface (UI). It includes a cryptocurrency wallet, an explorer for decentralized applications, a news feed, and an option for purchasing cryptocurrencies using Coinbase and MoonPay. According to Albacore, newer versions of Microsoft Edge have this feature “already baked in,” but users cannot see or use it since it is hidden. Screenshots also show that users can swap, send, and buy crypto assets through Coinbase and MoonPay as “integrated platforms.”

Non-Custodial Wallet

If confirmed by Microsoft, their new crypto wallet will be embedded in Edge rather than being its own separate plugin that needs installation. Furthermore, it will be non-custodial meaning that Microsoft will not have access to any passwords or recovery keys stored within the wallet itself. However Albacore points out that many features developed and tested by them never make it out of the lab so there is no guarantee that this one will either.

Microsoft’s Foray Into Web 3

Microsoft has been actively pursuing initiatives related to Web 3 which is essentially an evolution of the internet focused on decentralizing data while giving users more control over their online experiences. One such key initiative includes developing their own decentralised applications (dApps).


The potential introduction of a built-in crypto wallet in Microsoft Edge could mark a significant milestone for both mainstream adoption of digital assets as well as for Web3 technology as a whole if it does indeed make its way into public releases. Until then however we can only speculate about what impact this new development could bring about if released at all.